Topic: Upgrading from 6.22 and dict. 0000002H

Hi all,

For numerous reasons we are way behind with our upgrades (on version 6.22 and dictionary 0000002H) but are now working with our local authority IT team to get to 6.30 and associated updated dictionaries. IT have just upgraded our system to 6.30 and are now looking at dictionaries but are a tad confused by the Recorder website, would anyone be able to clarify what steps we need to take to get this work finished? I read it that we should have upgraded the dictionaries to 0000004K before then upgrading the software but maybe I'm confused (easily done!). Or did we first need to upgrade to 6.26, then dictionaries, then to 6.30 and then remaining dictionaries?! Our brains are in a spin and any help would be gratefully received.

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Re: Upgrading from 6.22 and dict. 0000002H

Hi Emma

If I was doing it I would have done as you propose - upgrade to 6.26, update the dictionaries to 0000004K, upgrade to 6.30 then update the remaining dictionaries. But it's not obvious from the support pages if this is necessary or more because the mechanism for updating the dictionaries changed in 6.30.

As they've already upgrade to 6.30 then it's probably worth trying to proceed with the dictionary updates and see how it goes. I think the key things are (a) they have a backup to go back to 6.22 if necessary if it all goes wrong, (b) do the updates apply successfully, and (c) they run the Report Dic2 Statistics from 0000004K onwards to check the results agree with those on the website.

If it's not obvious from the website they'll need to use the old dictionary upgrade kit (v4 not v5) for updates up to 0000004K and then use the R6 internal update process from 0000004L onwards (for which they'll need a licence key from NBN Trust).

If anything goes wrong post the results here and I'll see if I or anyone else can help.

Good luck.

Andy Foy
Systems Manager
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Re: Upgrading from 6.22 and dict. 0000002H

Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for your response and apologies for the delay in saying so.

Carrying on didn't work so we've gone back to our back up and started the process again, doing things in the stages suggested. We've got to version 6.30 I think, on dictionary 4K but it looks as though the dictionary may be out of step. IT are still working on it so we'll see...

Thanks again


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