Topic: Cannot Open Database Error

OK, I am certain this used to happen sometimes when I was last a Recorder6 user. I am rusty, and cannot remember.
I have SQLServer installed, and whilst attached to the university network we installed Recorder6.  I had it open, checked it all out to refresh my memory. Looked OK, but I did not add any data

I do not work on the network, and now, I go to open R6 and get the following:
EOleException: Cannot open database "NBNData" requested by login. Login failed.

Can anyone remind me what I can do to fix this and get Recorder working?

Louise Bacon
University of Cambridge Environment team


Re: Cannot Open Database Error


I suspect the SQL Server Dervice has stopped. See R6 FAQ to sort this. https://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?id=6403

Mike Weideli

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Re: Cannot Open Database Error

That looks familiar - will try it later when not bogged down in meetings.

Thanks Mike