Topic: Problem uploading a zipped shapefile to warehouse


I'm trying to upload a simple zipped shapefile into the Locations page of the warehouse. I am getting this error:

There was an SQL error: ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "" LINE 5: AND "locations"."location_type_id" = '' ^ - SELECT "locations"."id" FROM locations WHERE "locations"."public" = 'true' AND "locations"."name" = 'Etosha National Park' AND "locations"."location_type_id" = '' AND "locations"."deleted" = 'false'

The dropdown list to enter Location Type does not have any options available and I assume this may be the problem. (If I try the option to manually add a New Location, it does have options: City, Site, Town etc.)

This used to work - I have a previously uploaded shapefile (of type Site) listed.

Any ideas why it won't work now and how to fix it?


Re: Problem uploading a zipped shapefile to warehouse

If you look in your database, does the following query return anything?

select * from list_termlists_terms where termlist_external_key='indicia:location_types'

If not, is it possible that the external_key field in the termlists table for the location type entry (normally ID 5) has been cleared?

John van Breda
Biodiverse IT


Re: Problem uploading a zipped shapefile to warehouse

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. My database doesn't seem to have a table called list_termlists_terms.

It has:
- cache_termlists_terms
- termlists
- termlists_term_attribute_values
- termlists_term_attributes
- termlists_termlists_term_attributes
- termlists_terms
- terms

What do I need to do?