Re: NVC imports

Hi there,

Now we've got species data-entry underway, the next task is to work out how to get our NVC data into R6. So as a research exercise, has anyone tried this?

Also is there a way to bypass the species column in the import wizard to simply use biotype for NVC community and another column for sub-community?

I'm thinking that it may be simpler to leave it in Arcview & take relevant snapshots from R6 to it & do the analysis like that, anyone have thoughts?

Cheers now, Rob.


Re: NVC imports


after a few days testing, I narrowed it down to 3 possibilities:

1.    Make a separate map sheet, import the GIS shapefile containing the mosaics.
Assign this polygon to new locations then import the NVC species & habitat .dbfs onto that. 

2.    New Survey: NVC. Import scant species records into it with only one column representing  each NVC main community. There is no way I can see to import sub-communities without some major tweaking of the .dbfs.
Run a snapshot based on this survey & extrapolate it within GIS

3.    Load everything into GIS and be left with less species records.

Option 1 has been dismissed as too much like hard work: 100 NVC surveys, 51 Reserves, around 20k records.
Option 3 will reduce the amount of biodiversity data within our R6 Database & thus ultimately onto the NBN.

So am going with option 2. Did a trial upload of 800 species records last night & everything appears to be working well.

Will still like to hear how other folk approach this issue together with any ideas for importing biotypes without species records.