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Topic: Thanks to Jo

With Jo now leaving the NBNT Trust for pastures new, I just wanted to say how important she has been to the development of the NBN Trust and the Network in the time she has been in post. The NBN Secretariat are great and they've had to deal with difficult circumstances forced upon them over the last several years. Jo has done a magnificient job in managing the Trust through a time of considerable change and resolving the aspirations of the different members of what is a very broad Network.

From my viewpoint, the NBN is in a much better position than it was when the Atlas replace the Gateway, and this is down to Jo and the NBNT team, and this leaves the Network as a whole and whoever becomes the new CEO in a much better position - not that there's a lot that we all need to do and push for in future.

Thanks for eveything, Jo. Best wishes for all you do.


Re: Thanks to Jo

Well said Steve! Thanks for all you've done for the NBN Jo - very much appreciated.

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