Topic: Recorder 6 - Release Candidate Version of 6:31

A Release Candidate Version of Update 6:31 is available to download at


The version has been tested and we believe it to be suitable for use, however, it requires use in a live situation just in case there are issues which did not show up in testing. Please only install this version if you are prepared to deal with any problem which may occur and you able to quickly install a revised version if necessary.

Release Notes for this upgrade are attached and included in the dowloaded file.

Instructions for running the upgrade are the same as those for v6:30 http://www.recorder6.info/page26.html 

The upgrade will upgrade  Version 6:28, 6:29 and 6:30.  It should work with any Dictionary version, but the Index tables should be rebuilt after installation.   

Problems should be reported directly to Mike@Lfield.co.uk

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