Topic: Installing Additional Copies of Recorder 6

A number of users have expressed an interest in installing additional copies of R6 to assist those working from home.  It is extremely important that this does not result in having more than one copy in use with the same site id.  Please remember that the site id is in the database.  If you  install a copy at home and then restore the backup from the master copy in the office that the site id will be that of the office copy and NOT  the one used for the installation. This leaves a number of options depending on how you wish to use Recorder 6.

1. One person has the office master copy and is allowed is update this at home. During this time the master copy in the office must not be updated. When normal working resumes the copy with the designated person is backed up and  this backup used to bring the office master copy into line.  The home copy is then deleted.  Others may install R6 at home and have the main database, but for reporting only. They must not add any data or make any changes. Attempting to merge data from multiple copies of R6 with the same site id would be a disaster. 

2. Those at home install there own copy of R6 with a new site id. This is used to do basic data input, but without any access to reference data (eg. individuals or locations, measurement). The data can then be exported with a Custodian change and imported in to the main database.  If you just wish to add new data it would probably be easier to complete a spreadsheet and import this rather that use Recorder 6.

3. It would be possible to use option 1, but to change the site id after restoring the office backup. You would need Management Studio or Ms Access  to do this.  This would allow for multiple users (each with their own site id which must be unique and therefore allocated by Sally Rankin) to add data. This data could then be exported to the master copy and the Custodian changed when normal working resumes. If required new site ids contact Sally Rankin.

Other points to be aware of are that you must make sure that the copy of R6 installed is correct for the database. So for example if the office copy is up to version 6.29, then it would be necessary to install version 6.26 and upgrade this to  version 6.29 before restoring the office database. Network databases can be restored on a standalone installation.  If a database is too large for SQL Express then SQL Server Development  Edition could  be installed, but make sure you use the same version of SQL Server. Restoring from backup will probably require Management Studio to be installed.   

If you are unsure about any of this then please explain what you are trying to do and we will advise. Remember a site id must be unique to an installation. When asking for advice please let us know what version of SQL Server is being used for the main copy and what version of R6 is installed.

Mike Weideli