Topic: Problem deleting records

Hello All

Please can someone help me?

I have some records that were imported years ago from a standalone copy of Recorder into our network one.

An error happened either at export from standalone or at the import and events and field observations and taxa occurrences were muddled up.
So I cleared them one by one, deleting the erroneous taxa. The records are now in Recorder at event level only but when I try to delete these events one by one I get the message: "The record cannot be deleted because it has records linked to it."

When I try to delete the whole survey of these records via using the batch update JNCCDel5Records I get the message: "There is an error in the SQL code. The error message is: "The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK_SAMPLE_RECORDER_SURVEY_EVENT_RECORDER". The conflict occured in database "NBNData", table "dbo.SAMPLE_RECORDER", column "SE_RECORDER_KEY".

Any thoughts please?

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Re: Problem deleting records

Do the survey events have any survey event recorders still attached to them?  You won't be able to delete the survey events until you've removed any survey event recorder recorders.

But the error message you get when trying to use the batch update sounds more like you have sample recorders still referencing survey event recorders, hence the batch update can't delete the survey event recorder.  Is that possible?


Andy Foy
Systems Manager
Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) CIC


Re: Problem deleting records

Many thanks Andy,

I will delete these recorders after creating new same ones as these same recorders are linked to other real records.

Hope this will work.

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Re: Problem deleting records

Hi Andy and all,

Actually what I thought I could do with creating the same recorders who are linked to numerous real records and merging the old names with the new names it will not work as again these wrong records will be linked to the new ones.

I tried to edit each event and deleting each recorder but I get a message: "The recorder is used in one or more Samples. Make sure the name is unchecked in the Recorders check list of the appropriate Samples before attempting the deletion again". 
But there are no samples under these events. When I click to each event for Related Data for Samples a message comes up that says "There are no occurrences to relate this node to".

Any other suggestions?

Many thanks,