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Several UK cities are participating in this (http://citynaturechallenge.org/)
They are using iNaturalist to record.
The records might finish up on GBIF but I know of no mechanisms that will put them on NBN Atlas.


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Thanks for your message Darwyn.

My understanding is that the records will be verified in iRecord and then will be transferred to the NBN Atlas and GBIF. I haven't heard anything more for a few months, when I do, I'll write a message.

Thanks, Sophie


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Does that mean the records will be automatically transferred from iNaturalist to iRecord Sophie ??  How does that work ?

Steve J. McWilliam


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Some info;

iNaturalist feeds what it classes as 'Research Grade' observations on to GBIF (Research Grade: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#quality)

BRC have recently implemented a transfer of iNaturalist records with photo's into iRecord for UK verification and data flow.

All data on iNaturalist can be downloaded by anyone directly (lots of filtering options). However, designated species are blurred and can only be downloaded by the owner or a project admin where the original user has 'joined' that project.

By default all iNaturalist records are assigned a licence of CC-BY-NC (the user can change this).

Potential issues..

We are duplicating iNaturalist data flow (GBIF) where records are being downloaded/verified in UK systems then shared to the NBN Atlas and on to GBIF

We are duplicating data flow (NBN Atlas/LERCs/NSS) where records are being downloaded/verified in UK via multiple local routes (LERCs, NSS, iRecord). Note some recorders are also entering into multiple systems.

I understand NBN Atlas may eventually draw down from GBIF in which case there is a future additional duplication issue at least of research grade observations with the additional difficulty that the verification status and id itself may have changed.

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The record flow is a one way street, from iNats to iRecord.  Depending on the photo licence assigned by the recorder in iNats, Verifiers in iRecord may or may not see a photo.  iRecord have given verifiers a "quick link" button so Verifiers can jump striaght to the record in iNats to see a photo there.

It should be noted there is no direct feedback from iRecord to iNats, so if an imported record in iRecord is verified and re-determined, the names on the two records in the two systems may not match.  There has been some discussion on the iRecord forums about iNats import, some like them, some don't trust them.  It should be remember that iNats has a "crowdsourced" ID system.  There has been some discussion about the need or otherwise of importing the names of identifiers from iNats.  iRecord does not do this at present and I see no real need to do it as essentially, the person Verifiing the record in iRecord acts as the defacto identifier in all cases.  No matter what name is suggestest and who suggested it, if the Verifier in iRecord does not agree, "it ain't coming in!".


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Thanks for the clarification Matt.

Steve J. McWilliam