Topic: Back up Term List?

Where does the "Term List" live on the HDD, and is it possible to back it up?

I want to add some additional terms, but would like to back up the current list first, so I can return to the original if I mess things up.


Re: Back up Term List?

The quick answer is in a big database file.

You would need to use SQL to extract such information. You need software to do this and there is no 1 table with the information you seek. It could be done with Access I guess or SSMS from microsoft. From memory I think there are several tables to link to extract information and if work it out let me know.

However once a term is in use it is difficult to remove. So to tidy up those that are already there is not so easy and I've yet to tackle it myself. If you try to delete a term it should either vanish, refuse because you do not own it or refuse because it's in use.

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Re: Back up Term List?

As Tony says, it is in the NBNData database, ina table, but mixed in with other information (e.g. Substrate), so backing it up would be quite fiddly, but it is all accessible via the Access Database link


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Re: Back up Term List?

You can see where they all come from in the TERM_LIST_TABLE. I think the risk in creating a new term is faily low, and you can delete them if there are not used. You can also change the ones you create. If you are concerned backup your database and try what you need then restore the database.  The danger in backing up just a few  tables is that poentially you could end if tables out of step which could have  unpredicable consequences

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