Topic: Comment on a record/flag an issue

I have discovered that this feature now seems to be working when I found that two records in one of our datasets had been flagged as erroneous. I was aware of the problem with these records and was in the process of preparing a revised dataset to correct the error. However, I did not receive any notification from NBN that these records had been flagged.

This raises two points:
1. If the dataset administrator is not aware that records have been flagged, they cannot take any action to resolve the issue.
2. If we wish to correct a record, we still have to upload the entire dataset.

I know we had asked for this facility, but at present, although it flags potentially erroneous records, we do not have the means to do anything about it.

I hope that a system to inform dataset administrators is high on the "to do list",  even if we have to wait for the rest.



Re: Comment on a record/flag an issue

Hi Christine,
I apologise for our delay in telling everyone that the 'Flag an issue' feature was working. We wanted to test that the reindexing of records when a comment is made works properly, before telling everyone about it.

At the moment the dataset administrator is not notified when a comment has been made, Reuben is looking at implementing that now.

It is possible to sign up for email notifications when comments are made on records, either to all records in the Atlas or to records in specific datasets. To sign up to email notifications on your datasets, click on 'Alert me about annotations' button in the right hand panel on the dataset landing page. There is some more information here: https://docs.nbnatlas.org/flag-an-issue … -an-issue/

It is also not possible for dataset administrators to reply to the comment on the record. Reuben is finalising the permissions for that as well.

I will keep track of comments made on records and will liaise with the dataset owners on how to correct the error. As you say, at the moment we can only delete the record immediately and then update the entire dataset. I apologise for missing your two comments.

There is some more information on 'Flag an issue' here: https://docs.nbnatlas.org/flag-an-issue/

I am sorry for any inconvenience,

Best wishes, Sophie

Sophia Ratcliffe
NBN Atlas Data Manager


Re: Comment on a record/flag an issue

Hi Sophie,

Thank you for the up-date and the information on how to sign-up for the e-mail notifications.

It is amazing how such a small group can cause so much trouble, but at least you know that the recorders in the far NW are using the Atlas.

One minor point, when I was checking the "my profile" page, the home link took me to Australia! I think this might have to be put on the fix list.

Many thanks