Topic: Recorder 6 - Dictionary Upgrade 00000049-0000004B/0000004C-0000004E

These upgrades are now available from http://www.recorder6.info/page28.html . They bring the R6 dictionary into line the NHM UK Species Inventory as at 05/01/2019. Included are changes to  the Lepidoptera, Fungi,  Lichens  and  some Marine taxa. Please note that these upgrades can only be applied to Recorder v 6.26.2 or above. Applying theses upgrades to other version will corrupt table Index_Taxon_Name.

Please read the instructions on the page especially with regard to the files which are required in the scripts folder. After the upgrade it will be necessary to rebuild the 4 index tables.

If you have already run upgrade 00000049-0000004B then 0000004C-0000004E can be run separately.

Mike Weideli