Topic: Backing up subsets of data

Hi folks,

I'm wondering is exporting in NBN data format a valid way of backing up one's original entered data.

I know it would <i>work</i>, but will it cause any issues?

My situation is that I'm anticipating working with a large imported dataset and need to get my own data out of the way for the moment.

Many thanks


Re: Backing up subsets of data

Up to a point, but you need to be careful to ensure that all records are included.  This may not be an issue with your data.  I would say it will be safer to use the NBN Database Access format rather than the NBN Data Format as this has more options. A normal export will not include invalid records or  records which are marked 'Failed validation. Using the MS Access  option will give you a tick box which will allow include invalid records will deal with the first issue.  If you have anything ,marked as 'Failed Verification', then  to get a complete export, you can set up a Recorder scheme export which will include this data.

Mike Weideli


Re: Backing up subsets of data

Thanks Mike, that's fab :)