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Topic: Connecting the Crowd & invasive species recording

It seems members of the Queckett Microscopical Club attended this conference (https://nbn.org.uk/event/conference-connecting-crowd/) and came away with the advice that the American iNaturalist was the best way to record the invasive species Drosophila suzukii. They've now got a project at http://www.quekett.org/about/citizen/swd-survey which uses that.
Wouldn't it have been better for NBN and NHM staff to have advised them to use iRecord?
There are only 3 records of this species on the Atlas and Dipterists Digest published 10 articles on it in 2014 (V10 No2).
The species falls outside the 25 Diptera Recording Schemes and DF are currently working on a plan with BRC to iRecord such species. Not quickly enough it seems, well done QMC.
Does NBN now have any mechanism to transfer data from iNaturalist to the Atlas?


Re: Connecting the Crowd & invasive species recording

Hi Darwyn,
There is a project underway to have data flow from iNaturalist to iRecord and then onto the NBN Atlas, but there is nothing is place yet as far as I know. I will write a message when I hear more,