Topic: NBN Exchange Format Addin

I'm having trouble with the NBN Exchange Format.

I run the wizard filtering for the data i need (on survey, spatial filter, a rucksack and conditional filter(verification status)) which, after a while, pulls out the data i need. On trying to export i received the error below among a series of other similar errors relating to difference keys. This is the first time i have tried to use the Addin.

Can anyone offer advice as to what is causing the errors am i right in thinking they are falling over where there are multiple abundances against single records?

I am using Addin version 6.22 (i tried 6.23, which appeared as a separate export option, but that also fell over) against R6 version 6.26.

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Re: NBN Exchange Format Addin

I can look at it, but need the details.

Mike Weideli
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