Topic: Job: Funding for a Regional Entomology Project Officer

Funding has been secured from the Tanyptera Trust, a recently established, non-profit, privately-funded, charitable body, which aims to:
Support nature conservation and the study and appreciation of biodiversity, with particular regard to the invertebrate fauna of the North-West of England.
It has agreed, in principle, to support an Entomology Advisory Post based in the Entomology Section of World Museum, for up to 5 years.

The post holder will work closely with the Trust to administer an annual budget of £30,000 to commission research, to administer two grant schemes and to develop a publication series. 
This project will build on the previous achievements of World Museum’s Entomology Advisory Service and will result in a legacy of accessible, detailed information on invertebrates in Lancashire and Cheshire which will inform and inspire future entomology and wildlife conservation in the region.

It will promote partnership working within Lancashire and Cheshire and help to further develop and foster an entomological community within the region .

Examples of the sort of projects likely to be considered are:

•      Autecological studies of nationally and regionally important species.
•      Study and assessment of nationally and regionally important sites.
•      County or regional reviews for particular groups.
•      Annotated checklists of particular groups.
•      Advances in knowledge of poorly studied groups.
•      Studies of habitat assemblages.
•      Habitat management for invertebrates.
•      Insect conservation biology (including captive breeding and reintroduction).
•      Historical investigations into regional entomology and entomologists.
•      General regional reviews.
•      Summaries and resources for general readers.
•      Significant site lists and synthesis of long-term site lists.
•      Biogeography.
•      Influence of other aspects of regional natural history (geology, botany etc.) on its insects.
•      Development of library and collection resources.

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