Topic: Mapping of species at different resolutions

I welcome recent developments which have improved integration of OS grids in the new atlas interface. The addition of the variable grid size and responsive resolution is a big help. However it still appears that there are still some rather fundamental limitations compared with the NBN gateway interactive maps.

The other day I wanted to see a map of a species at tetrad resolution.

If I set 'variable grid size' and zoom to the area I want to see I will see a range of resolutions of records with finer resolutions becoming visible as I zoom in.

If I set 'responsive resolution' I could see the species mapped as 2km squares but only when viewed at a scale of the atlas's choosing - if i zoomed in our out I would see 1km squares or 10km squares.

There is no way to see a map of records at tetrad resolution if the area I'm looking at doesn't happen to coincide with the atlas's chosen scale.

There is an option to show '10km only' - would it not be possible to allow users to choose to display 2km only or 1km only? This can be done on the old interactive gateway map and would seem to be a useful (if not essential?) feature to have.


Mark Pollitt
SWSEIC (formerly DGERC)


Re: Mapping of species at different resolutions

Thank you for this feedback Mark,

I have logged this in the project plan for something to explore and develop in due course

Keep sending us your thoughts!!