Topic: R6 - Freezing on Opening

R6 gets as far as opening, but does not display the Welcome screen. There is no error message.  Clicking or pressing any key does not have any effect and R6 cannot be closed. This has been reported with Windows 10, Anniversary edition, but does not affect all installations. It is probably related to a fault in the display drivers which we are hope that MS will fix in a future update. Uninstalling the update does not solve the problem.  It would appear that the Welcome screen is actually open, but not being displayed.  The solution is to use the keyboard to open Recorder and then to turn off the display of the Welcome screen. 

To do this, when the window first opens, press the down arrow key 3 times, followed by 'Enter'. This should take you into R6.  Click on Help, Summary Info, and un-tick the box 'Show Welcome Window at start up'.   Continue to use Recorder as normal. The next time R6 is opened it should work, but the welcome screen will not display, but can still be accessed through the Help menu.   As far as I am aware no other screens are affected.

Mike Weideli