Topic: Species searching

This morning I tried a species search for Acronicta psi  and was given a list of all the other species in the genus, which is ok, except that the species aggregate was at the bottom of the list and not at the top, so unless I scrolled down the list I would have missed it. So would it be possible to have the variants on the search subject (e.g. synonyms and aggregates etc) before the other species in the genus please?

Secondly there is a degrees of repetition for each entry :

species: Acronicta psi (Linnaeus, 1758)  – Grey Dagger

This first line gives me all the information I need to decide whether this is the species I'm looking for.
On the next line I'm given the vernacular name again in English, in Welsh (twice) but not in Gaelic. This information is in the species description I do not need it here, most of us are ok with a scientific and English vernacular name for this purpose.
Then I'm told that it is Kingdom: Animalia, which may be useful sometimes, so that is ok.
Then I'm given the species name again and finally I'm asked if I want to upload a photo or record a sighting.

This is information overload - you could remove 3 lines for each entry and make things a little more streamline.

I work on a big screen and could still only see half the list - for anyone with a tablet or small laptop there is a risk of repetitive scrolling strain injury.



Re: Species searching

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions Christine, I will feed this back to the Atlas project team