Topic: Unexpected items: Archiving and sustainability

Download and read the report here: http://www.dpconline.org/newsroom/not-s … hiving-twr
An extraordinarily useful report covering all aspects of digital archiving and aimed at individuals who are making their own personal digital collections.
That would include all individuals involved in biological recording at whatever level - 'how to look after your stuff'
Written by Gabriela Redwine of the The Digital Preservation Coalition which is a not-for-profit membership organisation whose aims are to make digital memory accessible into the future. Their membership includes many large institutions from universities and archaeological/historical organisations through broadcasters, libraries & national archives to governments and European organisations.
Puzzling that no-one in our sector has joined, we might have had a biological records category of our own on page 12 in Redwine's categories of digital archives instead of coming under the header of "unexpected items".
We should join.