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The NBN newsletter directs us to their website.
At https://nbn.org.uk/tools-and-resources/nbn-toolbox/ where it tells us that "Over the years, the NBN and its partners have developed a range of tools and resources to aid biological recording."
Recorder 6 isn't listed there.
Mention of FSC's Tomorrows Biodiversity mapping tools by Rich Burkmar and QGIS and DMap would have been nice too, as would MapMate.
Perhaps just a simple link to this forum would do the trick.


Re: New NBN website

Whilst the consultations helped identify a framework for the much improved website, it wouldn't have been possible to have gotten all that the respondents said they'd like to see on or linked to from the new website anywhere near in time for the launch. As indicated, however, the Secretariat is keen to welcome suggestions for further additions and improvements.

As well as linking to existing resources it would be useful to identify where there appear to be gaps in provision (and which website/organisation would be the most logical host).


Re: New NBN website

I wonder if it might be useful for network partners to take on some limited responsibility for sections or pages within the website? It's all of our responsibility to keep this current and up to date and shouldn't just be down to the secretariat to do this alone.

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Re: New NBN website

Hi all,

Thanks for starting this thread and for the suggestions.
As Steve says, we are very keen to hear of any additional information which would be useful to the Network if it was added to the website.  Thanks also for your idea, Ben, about spreading responsibility for maintaining sections of the website.  I would like to take this idea to Working Group 6 to see how we might best achieve this.

Kind regards,


Re: New NBN website

Hi again,

I've added the resources mentioned by Darwyn to a new page on the website - https://nbn.org.uk/tools-and-resources/ … -software/

If there is anything else, please let me know.