Topic: Range Check Error - #RangeCheckError

If you get this error message when starting Recorder it is probably due to a problem copying the object sheet files. When R6 starts it tries to copy the files in the object sheet folder to the workstation. If the object sheet file path point to the server R6 would be copying the file to itself which would cause an error. To prevent this R6 checks to see if the source and destination file paths are the same and if they are doesn't do the copy.  The path from the server is obtained from the  path  used to launch R6 from the workstation and the path for the destination folder from the registry for the Object Sheet. These can look different, even though they both point to the same location. (Eg. one can be a UNC address and the other a mapped drive). In these cases R6 attempts the copy and causes a range check error.  Either make sure the drive for the object sheet folder and the R6 application folder are the same  or  move  the object sheet to a new folder and change the registry  to this.

Mike Weideli