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See NBN enews article http://nbn.org.uk/News/Latest-news/Data … teway.aspx

This is a welcome development thank you, and CBDC and Tullie House would like to apply a licence to our public level datasets in principle. I just have a couple of key question first though for the NBNT and Gateway team, before I tick the box:

1. Can you clarify that the licence will apply to the public level data only?

1. Is it clear to users that have enhanced access (i.e. greater grid reference resolution, site name, recorder name and other attributes) that the data they themselves can see and download is not creative commons licenced?

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Teresa Frost | Wetland Bird Survey National Organiser | BTO


Re: Data Licensing on the NBN Gateway

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your post and starting this forum thread.

In answer to your questions

1) Yes, this is correct.  Data supplied through an enhanced access request will not be subject to the public access license

2) We will be creating a guidance document for the Network to clarify issues such as this.  Currently the NBN Gateway does not automatically alert users with enhanced access that these enhanced access are not governed by the public access Creative Commons license.

We welcome any suggestions from you for how you think this could be handled effectively such as through website pop-ups or through communication to anyone with enhanced access etc.

Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks, Rachel

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Re: Data Licensing on the NBN Gateway

Thanks very much Rachel. If something could be implemented very soon before it all gets too confusing that would be great.

I guess when someone downloads records at the moment e.g. for fox, they are going to get a mixture of data now: some public level with a licence; some public level without a licence; and some enhanced access without a licence. A column is probably needed in the download csv, as well as the metadata file (which will not be read by most) and perhaps added to the pop-up about commercial use which already appears. It needs to be in the download csv or a dataset lookup table though, otherwise people won't be able to filter on which data is licenced and which isn't, which affects what they can do with it.

It should also be possible for people to download public licensed data only, but some clear messaging that this will not include records at enhanced level is needed. So if I had enhanced access to fox data from a CBDC dataset which had a CC-BY-NY licence for example, and clicked "download open licenced data only", the fox records from the CBDC would be included, but at public level, not enhanced level. Alternatively I could choose "download all data" in which case I would get the records at enhanced level, but a message to say this download included non-licenced data, as discussed above.

Teresa Frost | Wetland Bird Survey National Organiser | BTO


Re: Data Licensing on the NBN Gateway

PS Similar options also needed for web services I guess.

Teresa Frost | Wetland Bird Survey National Organiser | BTO