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Topic: taxonObservations/species - missing common names

Why do I receive common names for some birds but not others when I use taxonObservations/species?

e.g. for Kingfisher I get:

:5,"taxon":{"taxonVersionKey":"NHMSYS0000530141","name":"Alcedo atthis","authority":"(Linnaeus, 1758

but for Skylark I only get:

:{"taxonVersionKey":"NHMSYS0000530139","name":"Alauda arvensis","authority":"Linnaeus, 1758","languageKey"

I also don't get common names for
Emberiza calandra (Corn Bunting, NHMSYS0001688304)   
Linaria cannabina (Linnet, NHMSYS0021004282)   
Poecile palustris (Marsh Tit, NHMSYS0001688303)   
Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Bullfinch, NHMSYS0000530802)   
Sturnus vulgaris (Starling, NHMSYS0000530628)   
Turdus philomelos (Song Thrush, NHMSYS0000530678)   

but when I look them up at https://data.nbn.org.uk/Taxa/XXXXXXXX they all have well-formed common names (but admittedly don't have common names in the "Taxon" panel for some reason).

(I'm only using taxonObservations/species in order to obtain common names and groups that I can then attach to records downloaded using taxonObservations (which doesn't provide either) so it's not very helpful when some common names aren't even provided by taxonObservations/species).



Re: taxonObservations/species - missing common names

Hello Keith

It appears that for these birds the taxonversionkey for common name has not been associated with their preferred taxonversionkey in one of the NBN Gateway dictionary tables. I have now added these common tvks to this table so the common names should now appear. The underlying reason for this is within the SQL used to update the NBN Gateway with the latest UK Species Inventory which I will have a look into.

Best wishes


Re: taxonObservations/species - missing common names

Thanks Graham. The common names are coming through okay now.

Good luck with your SQL...