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Topic: organisationHref in taxonDatasets

I'm creating hyperlinks to link individual records returned from the gateway to their provider pages. I'm using "taxonDatasets" to obtain all the info.

organisationHref within the returned data however doesn't return what I expected, which was a link to the provider's page. It instead contains an api call. e.g.


instead of  (Note the capital O too):


Is this what was intended or a mistake? It necessitates an extra api call for every organisation that returned data to find out the true URL for their web-page! Or more likely I'll just do a string replace of "api/o" with "O", assuming it works consistently...



Re: organisationHref in taxonDatasets

Hi Keith, yes this was intended, as the assumption was that the api was designed to work as a stand-alone software package, but as you noted you can construct the URL as long as you have the organisation ID, that workaround will work as that url format won't change.


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