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The dataset from the DRN is described as being "Dragonfly records from the British Dragonfly Society's Dragonfly Recording Network for the period up to 2014". Having done several searches on it I cannot find any records later than 2011. As the dragonfly recorder for VC22, I can see the records for the county up to 2014 on my local database, but they don't appear on the NBN. Is there a problem with the dataset? If there isn't, what am I doing wrong? I was told by Steve Prentice before he left the BDS that all the data had been loaded.


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Hi, it looks like the last update we had for that dataset was on 01-May-2012, the DRN would have to provide us an update,


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OK - will pass this on to them.



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There is a new recordset from BDS Dragonfly Recording Network with all records to Dec 2014, uploaded in Nov 2015.
Mike has reviewed the records for Berkshire and says they match.

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