Topic: Discontinuing NBN Gateway 4 and the SOAP Webservices

For the past eighteen months the old NBN Gateway and its attendant SOAP webservices have been kept running as a courtesy to our users and to allow them to migrate over to the new NBN Gateway and the REST webservices. We have announced from time to time that we would be discontinuing these services at the end of this financial year.

NBN Gateway 4 and the SOAP webservices will cease to function on April 30th 2015. Websites which use these old webservices will no longer receive data from the legacy Gateway, and NBN Gateway 4 will cease to function.

Those users who have migrated to the new REST webservices will see no changes, nor will the users of the BRC Easymaps system who were migrated about a year ago. The current NBN Gateway will be unaffected by these changes.

For any developers who need to migrate off the services, the documentation for the new REST webservices is available from the Documentation link on the current NBN Gateway

If you have any enquires please do not hesitate to contact support@nbn.org.uk

JNCC Technical Project Manager