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Topic: Record Downloads

I've been trying to download lichen records for the Outer Hebrides for training purposes. I am currently interested in two common non- designated species, Ramalina siliquosa is ok and R. cuspidata nothing at all. I know there are records and that these are publically accessible as I can see them on the interactive and grid maps, but the download request informs me there are no datasets.
The download for R. siliquosa provides 27 records, but on the interactive map I can see about 150 records from the same datasets.
I could just copy the data from the interactive map records list, but that defeats the object of the download request.


Re: Record Downloads

I'll email you what we have in the BLS database, but our data is on at full resolution so there shouldn't be a problem downloading it.

Janet Simkin
British Lichen Society


Re: Record Downloads

Hello Chris

Looking at your download request the likely reason why you are getting less records than expected is that your geographical filter was set as "within the boundary of Outer Hebrides" rather than overlapping the Outer Hebrides boundary.

Many of the lichen records being recorded at lower resolution are likely to overlap the Outer Hebrides boundary and so have been excluded from your request. Selecting "overlapping and within" in the "Records that are... drop down box within the geographical area section of the form should lead to the expected number of records being downloaded.

Best wishes

NBN Technical Liasion Officer


Re: Record Downloads

Thank you Janet I've received your e-mail and data.
Thank you Graham I'll try again with the new parameters.