Topic: Recorder 6 Help

I have uploaded a web version of the Recorder 6 Help to the R6 Consortium's site  http://www.recorder6.info/index.html . The link there will take you into the help as it appears in Recorder 6 although the font of the main text is rather small. I will try to correct that next time I work on it. The difference between using this help and the help in R6 is that you don’t have context sensitive help, i.e. the ability to click F1 to go the help for the facility you are currently using in Recorder 6. The direct link to the help is http://www.recorder6.info/WebHelpR6Main/ . We hope this will be useful for users who have been unable to get the help to work in their copy of the system. If you have difficulty finding the information you require in the help please let me know via the forum.

Sally Rankin, JNCC Recorder Approved Expert
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