Topic: Documentation & guides for Recording Schemes

There seems to be a shortage of good guides that are aimed specifically at Recording Schemes and general recorders who want to use R6 as their main recording tool.
Sure, there's a good overall guide with Ball, S. & Rankin, S. Recorder 6 User Guide. JNCC 6b, 105 (2009). over on the R6 website but once a general recorder has absorbed that and wants to go further there's nothing for them except here on this forum and most of the postings here are very much focussed on the LRC and other professionals and any solutions (e.g. in the Downloads section) are also LRC-based.
So what do the Recording Scheme users know about R6 that would be of value to the rest of the RS community and how do we share it and write it up? A nice start would be a specific Recording Schemes & recorders section on this forum.

As a bit of an aside, one potential sharing mechanism is the free online citation manager, Mendeley, (detailed at http://www.dipteristsforum.org.uk/t3686 … eley.html) I've got a personal list of relevant Biological Recording documents which I could turn into a public group if anyone's interested (to get an idea, try http://www.mendeley.com/groups/2172453/biogeography/)