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Topic: How to publish your data through GBIF

I wish to publish my data through GBIF.
According to GBIF at http://www.gbif.org/publishingdata/howtopublish I must First, check if your institution is already a publisher - and NBN is that institution, the only one in UK.
So tell me, NBN, what do I do next? there's no mention of GBIF on your websites.
Just so's I won't get redirected to institutions in other countries, let's say it's Channel Island data, although I would like advice for several European countries.


Re: How to publish your data through GBIF

Have a look at http://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?id=4899, Darwyn.  But don't hold your breath for any response - that post was made on 3 November last year, and still no response from the Gateway team despite a more recent 'nudge'.

HBRG has published data on GBIF through NBNG for years, but since last summer the GBIF maps have not reflected the updated sets - the links in my posts show one example.



Re: How to publish your data through GBIF

That was a fast response Murdo, many thanks.
I'm preparing an item for DF Bulletin on Worldwide Biogeography, hoping to provide our many foreign travellers with tips on the topic.
Give me a few minutes and I'll email you the progress so far (very rough at the moment)