Topic: GBIF & recording tools

Anyone know anything about this http://www.biooffice.at/ for non-UK records and contributing Darwin Core data to GBIF?
If it's not costly I'll be trying it out.


Re: GBIF & recording tools

The term Global Biodiversity Gateways is used to describe national repositories such as our NBN Gateway and GBIF. These are the places where we're trying to submit records.
We've got access to upload and download in the UK via the tools we're discussing on this Forum.
Elsewhere in the world all you've got is specific citizen science projects and Biocollections Data Publishers such as big museums. These use Darwin Core to compile and upload.
Darwin Core data can be attached to photographs (see discussions on the Photools.com forum, this is the one related to iMatch).
A community which shared photographs tagged with appropriate Darwin Core data could be one that was also sharing biological records.
No such community exists.