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Topic: Intermittent REST grid maps

I've managed to migrate my simple grid map interface from using web-services to using REST and the result is at http://www.bedscape.org.uk/BRMC/newsite … es_maps_g5

However the grid map returned is unreliable.
- Sometimes it is perfect.
- Sometimes it has the os background, vc boundary and grid but has no actual species records mapped, even when I know there are many.  (This almost looks like a race-condition between the thing drawing the map and the thing supplying the records to it.)
- Sometimes I don't get an image at all.

Am I doing something wrong or is this problem at the NBN end? This is partly undocumented territory so I may well have something not quite right.

Oh, and sometimes taxonDatasets/{id}/taxa returns an empty response, so if there isn't a species list to select from, then that is why. Just keep trying until you get one...! e.g. right now https://data.nbn.org.uk/api/taxonDatasets/GA000458/taxa is returning an empty response...



Re: Intermittent REST grid maps

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Re: Intermittent REST grid maps

Sorry about that it looks like we have been having some database issues and lost one of the warehouses, I have switched to use the remaining working warehouse only during the Christmas period so it should at least carry on working, but its service may be slow on occasion, though the usage of the gateway should drop for a week or two anyway.

But the result looks like its fine for now, let us know if problems persist, but I don't know when technical staff are going to be available over the Christmas period.


Matt Debont
Application Developer
Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Monkstone House, City Road, Peterborough PE1 1JY, UK


Re: Intermittent REST grid maps

Thanks Matt, that seems to have helped. I don't get any blank maps without records shown now, but I am still getting a lot of problems with no map provided. I discovered that I'm getting useful reports back as xml instead of a map which may help you. For example executing the following

https://gis.nbn.org.uk/SingleSpecies/NB … magesize=5

gave this error report. If I keep refreshing the same url I eventually get a map but it is very hit and miss at the moment (maybe because it is running on reduced power?).

<?xml version='1.0' encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<!DOCTYPE ServiceExceptionReport SYSTEM "http://schemas.opengis.net/wms/1.1.1/exception_1_1_1.dtd">
<ServiceExceptionReport version="1.1.1">
msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed to draw layer named &#39;Grid-2km_Band_0&#39;.
msMSSQL2008LayerGetShape(): Query error. Error executing MSSQL2008 SQL statement: SELECT [geom],convert(varchar(36), [identifier]) from (select [dbo].[Feature].[geom], [dbo].[Feature].[identifier] from [dbo].[Feature] join (select distinct [alias_58067062].[FEATUREID] from ((select [dbo].[MappingDataPublic].[featureID] [FEATUREID] from [dbo].[MappingDataPublic] join [dbo].[TaxonTree] on [dbo].[TaxonTree].[childPTVK] = [dbo].[MappingDataPublic].[pTaxonVersionKey] where ([dbo].[TaxonTree].[nodePTVK] = &#39;NHMSYS0000080159&#39; and [dbo].[MappingDataPublic].[absence] = 0 and [dbo].[MappingDataPublic].[resolutionID] = 2 and datepart(yy, [dbo].[MappingDataPublic].[startDate]) &gt;= 1500 and datepart(yy, [dbo].[MappingDataPublic].[endDate]) &lt;= 1999 and [dbo].[MappingDataPublic].[datasetKey] in (&#39;GA000458&#39;))) union all (select [dbo].[MappingDataEnhanced].[featureID] from [dbo].[MappingDataEnhanced] join [dbo].[TaxonTree] on [dbo].[TaxonTree].[childPTVK] = [dbo].[MappingDataEnhanced].[pTaxonVersionKey] join [dbo].[UserTaxonObservationID] on [dbo].[UserTaxonObservationID].[observationID] = [dbo].[MappingDataEnhanced].[id] where ([dbo].[TaxonTree].[nodePTVK] = &#39;NHMSYS0000080159&#39; and [dbo].[UserTaxonObservationID].[userID] = 1 and [dbo].[MappingDataEnhanced].[absence] = 0 and [dbo].[MappingDataEnhanced].[resolutionID] = 2 and datepart(yy, [dbo].[MappingDataEnhanced].[startDate]) &gt;= 1500 and datepart(yy, [dbo].[MappingDataEnhanced].[endDate]) &lt;= 1999 and [dbo].[MappingDataEnhanced].[datasetKey] in (&#39;GA000458&#39;)))) [alias_58067062]) [alias_128454118] on [dbo].[Feature].[id] = [alias_128454118].[FEATUREID]) AS foo WHERE geom.STIntersects(geometry::STGeomFromText(&#39;POLYGON((-0.695187483719663 51.8103304275869,-0.122781886995702 51.8103304275869,-0.122781886995702 52.3563444573704,-0.695187483719663 52.3563444573704,-0.695187483719663 51.8103304275869))&#39;,4326)) = 1 
-[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name &#39;dbo.MappingDataPublic&#39;.


Regards, Keith


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