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Can someone just confirm the current web services URL that should be used?  I keep seeing messages about old and new gateways and don''t know whether I am using the correct one. My php targets "http://webservices.searchnbn.net/query".

My request, which does work eventually, doesn't include a registrationKey which appears to be mandatory and hence my concern.



Re: Web Services URL

Hello Mark

Information on the future changes to the NBN web services can be found on the NBN website - http://www.nbn.org.uk/News/Latest-news/ … vices.aspx

The new Gateway which is planned to be released later on this year will be based on REST services and not SOAP services and so it is strongly recommend that you wait until the new RESTful services are released, rather than developing against the existing SOAP services.

The SOAP web services will not be supported in the new version of the NBN Gateway but it is planned not to turn off the old Gateway immediately so that the old SOAP services will continue to work for a period to allow users to transfer over to using the new REST services. Please note however that once the new Gateway is released the current Gateway database will not be added to ie all data loading and updates to the species dictionary will occur on the new Gateway only.

The WSDL for the latest version of the SOAP web services (v3.5) which is the one that requires a registration key is found in the NBN Gateway documentation - http://data.nbn.org.uk/Documentation/We … ces-SOAP/.

Best wishes

NBN Technical Liaison Officer