Topic: Database may experience high load!

Good morning,

I have already posted this in the Web services category, but am not sure if that was the correct place.  I am therefore re-posting here.

I am just writing to inform you that the Anglia Ruskin University Indicia site http://blacksquirrelproject.org hosted by NBN will be featured on the BBC 1 'The One Show' this Friday 1st of February sometime between 19:00-19:30.  The site was featured on this show a year ago and resulted in a very high amount of traffic for the rest of the evening.  I have taken the interactive map down from my home page temporarily to reduce the load on the database, but there may still be a much higher than usual demand on the DB as visitors submit sightings.

I apologise for the short notice as the BBC feature has been moved ahead by a couple of months.

Thank you for your support

Mark D'Arcy