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How do I get a list of all the species from all the datasets for a given geographical area (grid square, administrative boundary etc.)?

All the help I've found so far starts with "Type a species name...".  I need to get a list of all the species present in a given area (High Lodge Farm near Lakenheath Warren, as it happens).  Have tried the interactive map but it wants me to either choose a single species or a survey dataset.



Re: Multiple species

Aha! Just found the Site Navigator - think that might do the trick.


Re: Multiple species


Sorry for the delay in response to this. 
If you haven't found the data that you need, another option is to use the Search by location function from the map on the home page and choose the relevant grid square for Lakenheath Warren. You will be able to see all the datasets for that square that are available through the NBN Gateway.

Please do let us know if you have not been able to find the data that you need.

Many thanks.