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Can anyone give me some information about reporting across multiple databases? In particular I would like to know about single reporting on data from NBNG and Recorder 6, but possibly including an online (Indicia or similar) and/or a second recorder-style database.

I know several organisations are running systems that carry out this function, but don't really know any more, so any information would be useful.



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Gordon Barker
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Re: Combined reporting

Hi Gordon
You have several options that I can see. First, you could try to aggregate data from different sources in a single report output. In effect, you'd write code which pulled data from the Gateway, Recorder, Indicia etc and output the results in a single grid. This might work for simple lists of records but I think you are going to find it very difficult to do things like group the data or perform any calculations on the output, unless you can find an existing tool which already does this.

The alternative would be to pick whichever of the various sources is your preferred platform for reporting, and sync the records from the other sources into that platform which you then use for reporting on all the records. For example, you could pull the records from the Gateway and Indicia into Recorder (subject to dataset T&Cs of course). Having a single dataset to run reports against means that you get the full flexibility of the chosen system for building reports, which may be preferable.

Best wishes

John van Breda
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Re: Combined reporting

With Recorder 6 we are working towards an approach which will allow datasets to be imported on a  temporary  basis so a that they can be used in reporting. The idea being that the data is deleted and replaced with a new dataset as required. To facilitate this there will be an easier way of importing Observer names for the temporary  data, the ability to import Taxon Version Keys (see save the matching of species),  and inbuilt restrictions to stop the data being accidentally exported as new R6 data.  We are working towards this being implemented im May/June of this year.

Mike Weideli
Littlefield Consultancy