Re: Importing into Recorder 6

I have a problem with importing using Recorder 6.
The import instructions in the Help file are not particularly clear or extensive but there is a list on the page entitled "Import Wizard". One of the items which causes trouble is the precise format which should be employed for Observer; on the Help file I read "If multiple observers are chosen they must be separated by a comma." whereas in an earlier implementation of Recorder the comma could be used to separate Surname from Forename. Indeed in earlier Recorders the import wizard was capable of reading in names in a range of formats and "Sumner, Darwyn" was as acceptable as "Darwyn Sumner". Now the import system creates an individual called "Darwyn" and another called "Sumner" and assigns these as multiple observers.
What are the rules governing the formats for import.


Re: Importing into Recorder 6


Here is the specification of the way the Import Wizard parses the Observer(s) column:
"The contents of the Observer(s) field are parsed into one or more strings, each of which are later matched against the list of individuals in Recorder.  The following separators are used when parsing the value into separate strings: ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘/’, ‘\’, ‘ and ‘, ‘&’, ‘+’.  However, if a comma separator is encountered, then it is not treated as a separator if it is followed by a single alpha character or a single alpha character with a . after it.  This means that names in the format ‘Smith, J.’ are not split into 2 strings."

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