Topic: MR merge error #3049

We have an MR db with a large number of surveys. We needed to have a post-survey assessor work on biotope assignment for three of the surveys within the main db. The three surveys were copied to a separate db using the MR merge tool. The assessor worked remotely on this db, which I now need to merge back into the main db. I have ticked the 'overwrite all' option for all three surveys but get the following error message:

(window title) Module - ExportSurveyData

Debug - An error has occurred.

3049 - Cannot open database ".It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.

The logfile ends:

Deleting survey records
Survey MRLRC0080000002B - 2012 Dorset Seasearch - DELETED
Deleting survey records completed
Updating species dict records
Updating species dict records completed
Updating location records
Updating location records completed
Updating name records
Updating name records completed
Updating reference records
Updating reference records completed
Copying missing name records
Copying missing name records completed
Copying missing source records
Copying missing source records completed
Copying missing location records
Copying missing location records completed
Copying survey records
Copying survey records in table SURVEY Completed.
Copying survey records in table SURVEY_DATA Completed.
Copying survey records in table SURVEY_EVENT Completed.
Copying survey records in table SURVEY_EVENT_DATA Completed.
Copying survey records in table SURVEY_EVENT_RECORDER Completed.
Copying survey records in table SAMPLE Completed.
Copying survey records in table SAMPLE_DATA Completed.
Copying survey records in table TAXON_OCCURRENCE Completed.
Copying survey records completed
Finished 23/01/2013 15:02:37

which looks like a successful merge run, but the target db has no species records associated with any of the samples, and no biotopes (both of which exist in the remote db which is the source for the merge).

We are both using the same version of MR, and have the latest (Feb 2012) version of the Species Directory installed.

Any advice gratefully received! Thanks very much in advance...


Re: MR merge error #3049

hi Charlotte,

we have updated the snapshot merge tool in the last day or so (v4.41)....perhaps you could try using the new version and see if you get the same issues. This is available from the ESDM Marine Recorder webpage: http://esdm.co.uk/MarineRecorder/index.html

best wishes,


Re: MR merge error #3049

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for your quick response (and thanks for the SnapshotMerge update - now installed). It was the general merge tool I was having issues with, not the snapshot merge - sorry for not making that clearer.

However, I have discovered that a standard MS Access tool - the db compact and repair utility - run on both the source and target MR dbs seems to have done the trick, despite there being errors in the process of compacting the target db (?!). You don't have to open the db to run the compact tool over it, which is fortunate since it's not possible to open MR dbs in Access due to the linked/cascading tables. Checking the result in MR shows that I have both species and biotopes now, which were missing after the earlier failed merges. Phew!

I hope this may be helpful to others too.



Re: MR merge error #3049

great, thats good. sorry - yes realised you were talking about the merge tool not the snapshot merge tool after posting.