Topic: NBN Gateway data loading - new metadata form

We are hoping to recommence data loading in to the new version of the NBN Gateway by the end of January. In the new system there is no monthly upload cycle and datasets sent to data@nbn.org.uk will be prepared and placed in a queue for effectively 'continual' loading. This will mean that your datasets will be available for use on the NBN Gateway more quickly than previously.

Please note that there is now an electronic method for uploading your metadata and therefore a NEW METADATA FORM for both species and spatial datasets is available in the new Data Provider Pack from the NBN website: http://nbn.org.uk/Share-Data/Providing- … ormat.aspx This new method of metadata upload also means that we can accept metadata for datasets updates as well as being required for new datasets.

Only new metadata forms will be accepted so please make sure you download a new form from the data provider pack.

Best Wishes,