Topic: Recorder2 installed - error message - please help

Hi All,

We have an install of recorder2 on an old pc which works fine, but an install on a newer laptop (not very new) which when launching gives the following error message :-

"Addin path not found" and "Please reinstall the application".

Not sure if an easy fix can be found or if I need to install and up-grade to recorder6.

Cheers, Andrew


Re: Recorder2 installed - error message - please help

Have a look in the regsistry of the machine which works for the addin path. Think it will somewhere  in  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOTWARE\JNCC ....  Check on the new machine to see if this path exists and more importantly that you can read/write  to the folder.  It will be difficult to help with R2002 now, but you don't need to have R2002 installed to convert it to R6. All you need is the databases (NBNDATA.MDB) and  (NBNDICT.MDB).   As you already have a site id you can get R6 from www.Recorder6.info/Standalone.zip

Mike Weideli
Littlefield Consultancy


Re: Recorder2 installed - error message - please help

MikeWeideli wrote:

Have a look in the regsistry of the machine which works for the addin path. Think it will somewhere  in  HKET_CURRENT_USER\SOTWARE\JNCC ....

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the post, I've not been able to locate this path / folder on the laptop, I will need to install recorder6.

Cheers, Andrew


Re: Recorder2 installed - error message - please help


Thanks for providing more information about your situation by phone and e-mail. A Recorder 2002 database containing 52,884 species observations should be fairly easy to transfer to Recorder 6. There is a write-up about doing these transfers on the Recorder Wiki http://forums.nbn.org.uk/mw2/index.php?title=Main_Page . The links to follow are Recorder – Recorder 6 – Migrating from Recorder 2002 to Recorder 6.

If you don’t have the money to pay people like me or Mike Weideli to do the transfer for you it would be worth having a go at it yourself. Doing a standalone installation of Recorder 6 and migrating from Recorder 2002 to Recorder 6 is well within the capabilities of anyone with moderate computer skills. It basically involves installing Recorder 6 and transferring the data using the software provided for the purpose. Given that you can always seek help via the forum http://forums.nbn.org.uk/index.php for any problems you encounter you may find you can do it without any other help.

I did a write-up of installing Recorder 6 for the Wiki but I am afraid it got lost when Mike Weideli had to upgrade the Wiki last year. I have been meaning to replace it ever since but in the meantime you may find there is enough information in the installation guide.

Recorder 6 is a Microsoft SQL Server system so users need to install SQL Server, then Recorder 6. http://www.recorder6.info/ is designed to help users select the appropriate version of SQL Server for their operating system when they don't already have it installed.

In recent times Mike Weideli has made the installation files available as a download. The link for the standalone version is www.Recorder6.info/Standalone.zip . The download is 460 MB so please allow adequate time for it to download. You should install Recorder 6 with your Recorder 2002 Site ID and as you can now download the installation files you don’t need to buy a copy of Recorder 6. Users only need to buy a copy if they need another Site ID or want an installation disk.

The standalone installation guide (version 4) is in the Documentation folder in the Recorder 6 download. It is also available via http://www.recorder6.info/ and at http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-4595 . It covers installing SQL Server 2008 Express and Recorder 6. The current download will install Recorder 6 version, dictionary version 0000000Y. You need a Site ID and Verification key to install Recorder 6. Yours can be found on your Recorder 2002 licence agreement.

Version 6.18.1 was issued as a Release Candidate just before Christmas – see http://forums.nbn.org.uk/viewtopic.php?pid=15674#p15674 . The idea is to get a few people to upgrade to it and test it before we make it available to everyone via the JNCC web-site. Please note that new install files won’t be made available for v6.18 so users will need to install v6.17.2.251 then upgrade. Also, several dictionary upgrades have come out since: 0000000Z to 00000014 for v6.17 and 00000015 to 0000001A for v6.18. Note that running 00000015 to 0000001A will fail if you haven’t upgraded to v6.18 – see the release notes for v6.18.1 for more information.

I hope you get your laptop cleaned up soon so that you can get Recorder running on it before too long.

Sally Rankin, JNCC Recorder Approved Expert
E-mail: s.rankin@btinternet.com
Telephone: 01491 578633
Mobile: 07941 207687


Re: Recorder2 installed - error message - please help

Hi Sally,

Many thanks for all your help and information, laptop has gone to a computer doctor to see if it can be fixed, we might be looking at a new laptop. Will let you know once sorted.

Cheers, Andrew