Topic: NBN Gateway October 2012 update to datasets

There are currently 80,609,202 species records available on the NBN Gateway from 788 different datasets.
Database last updated 5th November 2012
Species dictionary publication date 2nd May 2012
13 new species datasets from 8 organisations

Biological Records Centre
UK Ladybird Survey data from iRecord

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Environmental Records Centre
Chippenham fen Moth surveillance project

Countryside Council for Wales
Freshwater Gwyniad Survey Data

Dumfries and Galloway Environmental Resources Centre
Micro-moths distribution for Dumfries and Galloway

Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre
Data on a range of alien invasive species (as listed under Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act )specified by Natural England for Northamptonshire for dates up to November 2011

Nature Locator
PlantTracker data from 2012 onwards

Scottish Natural Heritage
Information on capercaillie distribution collected during the 'Productivity of breeding Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus at sites across their Scottish range 2011' monitoring project.

Warwickshire Biological Records Centre
Warwickshire Common Toads
Warwickshire Grass Snakes
Warwickshire Great Crested Newts
Warwickshire Palmate Newts
Warwickshire Slow Worms
Warwickshire Smooth Newts

19 updated species datasets from 10 organisations

Botanical Society of the British Isles
RISC Botanical Non-Native Species Records

Butterfly Conservation
Macro-moth provisional distribution for the British Isles (excluding the Republic of Ireland) from the National Moth Recording Scheme

Countryside Council for Wales
Freshwater Lamprey Survey Data

Dorset Environmental Records Centre
Dorset Important Species 2011 for Natural England use only

Marine Biological Association
DASSH Data Archive Centre expert sightings records
RISC and ALERT Marine Non-Native Species (Chinese Mitten Crab, Wakame and Carpet Sea Squirt) Records

National Trust
Heigham Holmes species data held by The National Trust

Outer Hebrides Biological Recording Project
OHBRP Fungi, Lichens and Lower Plants Dataset - Outer Hebrides
OHBRP Insects Dataset - Outer Hebrides
OHBRP Invertebrates (except insects) Dataset - Outer Hebrides
OHBRP Otter (Lutra lutra) Dataset - Outer Hebrides
OHBRP Vertebrates (except birds and restricted records) Dataset - Outer Hebrides

Suffolk Biological Records Centre
Suffolk Biological Records Centre (SBRC) dataset

Terrestrial Heteroptera Recording Scheme (Shieldbugs & allied species)
RISC Heteroptera Non-Native Species Records

Warwickshire Biological Records Centre
Warwickshire (VC38) Coleoptera
Warwickshire Adders
Warwickshire Bats
Warwickshire Common Frogs
Warwickshire Common Lizards

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