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Just to say that I had a bit of trouble locating the login option on the top menu bar because the text was too similar a colour to the background.  I have attached a screenshot.

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Mike Beard
Natural Course Project Officer
Greater Manchester Local Records Centre


Re: Faint Menu bar

This was bit ofa rush job so at the moment we are just using the out of the theme. Hopefully something beter can be done shortly.


Mike Weideli
Littlefield Consultancy


Re: Faint Menu bar

There are two new styles (themes) available to try. How they display is likely to depend on the browser used.  It will be possible to make some changes to the colours if this will help, so please continue to report problems.  To load the new styles goto Profile and choose settings. The styles can be chosen from the dropdown list (Available styles) . The default stytle is 'Oxygen' and the new ones 'Hydrogen' and 'Artstyle'.

Mike Weideli
Littlefield Consultancy