Topic: Important notice about uploading data to the NBN Gateway

Due to the launch of the new, more flexible system of data access controls for the NBN Gateway in October 2012 (see http://www.nbn.org.uk/News/Latest-news/ … ew.aspxfor more details) there will be a short break in loading new and updated datasets onto the NBN Gateway. The last upload before the launch of the new system will take place in early September. Please ensure you send any datasets for inclusion in the September upload to data@nbn.org.uk by the 31st August at the very latest to ensure inclusion.  Data loading will recommence in November following the launch of the new NBN Gateway database structure and data access controls.  One of the planned improvements for the new NBN Gateway is that in future data loading will be carried out without a delay of a month between uploads.
If you have any questions about the new system of data access controls, please contact us on access@nbn.org.uk


Re: Important notice about uploading data to the NBN Gateway

Due to a delayed launch of the new access controls and dataset download functionality on the NBN Gateway there will be two further rounds of data loading prior to the launch in mid December. At the end of October and at the end of November. Please get datasets to data@nbn.org.uk by 19th October or 16th November respectively.

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