Re: Complex filter editing inconsistencies (

I spotted some weird inconsistencies and strangeness in the behaviour of the complex filter dialog today:

1) When clicking the edit button on an existing textual filter (as opposed to a date filter), the criterion field doesn't get re-populated with the filter text, and the selection in the Available Fields list defaults back to Event Date (at the top of the list). Having to re-specify both the field and the filter makes the edit function somewhat redundance, i.e. it's just as easy to delete the old filter and add a new one.

2) When clicking the edit button on an existing date value, the criterion field is re-populated with the existing date(s), but again, the Available Fields selection defaults back to Event Date. It's when editing a date in this fashion, it's extremely easy for a user to miss the fact that the field has defaulted back to Event Date.


Charles Roper
Digital Development Manager | Field Studies Council
http://www.field-studies-council.org | https://twitter.com/charlesroper | https://twitter.com/fsc_digital


Re: Complex filter editing inconsistencies (

Thanks Charles.  I've added it to the incident tracking system (ID 11920) to fix for the next release.

John van Breda
Biodiverse IT