Re: Links to information about proposed changes to Data Access Controls

I thought it would be useful to provide links to all the previous communications about the proposed changes to the Data Access Controls in one place, so here goes:

10th October 2011: Launch of the first round of consultation and explanation of the reasons for the proposed changes.  Documents available to download: ‘complete list of proposals’, ‘FAQs’ and ‘list of questions from the online survey’.

14th December 2011: Results of the first round of consultation.  Summary of changes to the proposals in response to feedback received. 

15th February 2012: Launch of the second round of consultation.  Release of flow charts with screen shots to illustrate how the proposed new system of access controls would work. Documents available to download: ‘downloading data’, ‘applying to download a whole dataset’ and ‘applying for enhanced access’.

Thank you very much to everyone who has taken part in the consultation so far.  Over the next three weeks we will be contacting data providers who did not respond to the online survey, to ensure that they are aware of the proposals and have an opportunity to provide input if they want to.  Please post in this forum if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the proposed changes.

Best wishes
NBN Trust Data Access Officer