Re: NBN Gateway Version 4.2 Released


Release date: January 2012

The following new functionality and changes have now been added to the NBN Gateway. Please refer any questions you have regarding the NBN Gateway to the NBN helpdesk (gateway@nbn.org.uk).

NBN Gateway Interactive Mapping Tool includes absence data
The NBN Gateway can now ingest absence (zero abundance) data. Currently only the Interactive Mapping Tool (IMT) supports reporting on this data. On the IMT the absence records are clearly differentiated from presence records and both can be independently turned off using the advanced layer controls (gear symbol). When drilling down into the individual records absence records are highlighted in orange on the species picker and all records are clearly labelled as presence or absence in the further detail of the record. Absence records can be commented upon in the same way that presence records can and they can also be flagged as sensitive. Please consult the description field of the dataset metadata for an explanation of the methodology used for recording absences or a general statement of each organisation's definition of absences for each dataset.

Best Wishes,
Lynn Heeley

NBN Technical Liaison Officer