Re: NBN Exchange Format version 2.4

Following the enhancement to the NBN Gateway, incorporating site based records, the NBN Exchange Format has been updated. The main updates are

1. Inclusion of FeatureKey - this is a combination of the dataset and providerkey for the site on the NBN Gateway. This allows the records to be associated with the correct site. These keys are listed in the metadata of the site layer page under the providing organisation eg http://data.nbn.org.uk/datasetInfo/spatialDataset.jsp?dsKey=GA000344

2. Update to the maximum length of characters for a number of fields. This is to standardize field lengths between fields and also to make it more in line with Recorder. The main update is an increase in the sitename field from 80 to 100 characters

3. Including information on NBN Record Cleaner. This desktop tool available from the NBN website can be used to check if the dataset is in the NBN Exchange Format, prior to submission to the NBN Gateway

The updated NBN Exchange Format is available to download from the NBN web site - http://www.nbn.org.uk/Guidebooks/Data/How-to-start-sharing-data-through-the-NBN/The-NBN-Exchange-format.aspx

Best wishes