Re: NBN Gateway update April 2011


There are currently 64,763,418 species records available on the NBN Gateway from 568 different datasets.

Database last updated 9th May 2011
Species dictionary publication date 9th May 2011

12 new species datasets from 5 organisations

Hertfordshire Biological Records Centre
Wildlife Site Surveys, Hertfordshire

Bearded Tit National Survey in Britain 2002 (SCARABBS)
Bringing Reedbeds to Life Amphibian Survey of two key reedbed sites in England in 2010
Bringing Reedbeds to Life Invertebrate Survey of three key reedbed sites in England in 2009, 2010
Bringing Reedbeds to Life Water Vole and Mink Survey of five key reedbed sites in England in 2009, 2010
Red-necked Phalarope annual monitoring 1972-2010
Twite, winter distribution in Caithness and Sutherland 2006/7

Sheffield Biological Records Centre
Sheffield Biological Records Centre, Non-sensitive Records from all taxonomic groups
Sheffield Biological Records Centre, Sensitive Records from all taxonomic groups

Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre
SxBRC Inventories for the Environment Agency's use only

Warwickshire Biological Records Centre
Warwickshire (VC38) Coleoptera
Warwickshire Hedgehogs

12 updated species datasets from 6 organisations

Countryside Council for Wales
Littoral Marine data from Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) Technical Support (Research and Monitoring) Contracts, Wales

Hertfordshire Biological Records Centre
Birds, records for Hertfordshire, 2008

North East Scotland Biological Records Centre
NE Scotland fungus and lichen records 1800-2010
NE Scotland marine mammal records 1800-2010
NE Scotland terrestrial mammal records (excluding squirrels) 1800-2010

Perthshire Black Grouse Study Group
Black Grouse annual lek counts in Perthshire 1990-2009 (Perthshire Black Grouse Study Group)

Bittern Annual Surveys in Britain 1990-2008 (SCARABBS)
Cirl bunting national surveys in the UK (SCARABBS)
Great Yellow Bumblebee sightings data in the UK, 1990 onwards (RSPB, BBCT, HBRG)
Stone-curlew Annual Surveys (RSPB/Natural England)
White-tailed Eagle breeding records in Western Scotland, 1981 onwards. Jointly funded by RSPB/SNH

Suffolk Biological Records Centre
Suffolk Biological Records Centre (SBRC) dataset

0 new geographic dataset from 0 organisation

1 updated geographic dataset from 1 organisation

Hertfordshire Biological Records Centre
Hertfordshire Biological Records Centre Wildlife Site Boundaries