Re: NBN gateway error

Please help
I just started using the gateway couple days ago.
From this morning after I restarted my computer the nbn.gateway site is not opening in any of my browsers. I have tried everything I can think of and nothing helps.
I am getting pretty desperate here because I am not an experienced script user and have spend last two days just trying to get my head around the Web Services.
Any ideas what could be the reason ? I have tried all sort of programs but there seems to be a problem with the site script scc file or something.
Why would it started after the restart? What are the internet settings required ? Maybe it have something to do with me not logging out for two days straight after registering?
Smart head help


Re: NBN gateway error

I don't understand why you should have this problem, Wiktor, unless you are using the wrong URL.  It should be http://data.nbn.org.uk/.  I am permanently logged in, and I use Opera and IE successfully, with no fancy settings needed.


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Re: NBN gateway error

All of the below NBN URL's are working fine for me in FireFox (3.6.12), Chrome, Safari and IE-8.





Obtaining Species Names through Webservices also seems to be working fine (in RODIS -  http://www.record-lrc.co.uk/RODISCore/RODIS.aspx).

Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the NBN site from here !!  I would suggest it is something wrong with your Browser and/or firewall settings or with your ISP or router.


Steve J. McWilliam